Aairi _ Blackdamp
Marion kivits 20170823 aairipresentation
Marion kivits 20170823 aairipresentationinsta1
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I've been wanting to illustrate my own book since forever, finally making the step forward; plus I get to update my portfolio :) This is the main charcater of the story, Aairi; her father, a former miner who miraculously managed to change trades and become a tailor, managed to keep her away from any harsh labor, until now. She always dreamed to become a skull sculptor, a very prestigious work in the city, but she can’t seem to be confident enough in her work; it is quite tough to believe in your future in a city that has been rotting away for centuries now, isolated from the outside world. Hope you like it, comments welcome!

ps: I have to spam you with 6 other characters today to update my portfolio, sorry!